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Born Motivated Training is a community interest project founded by Jamal Lanre Shashore  for the sole purpose of delivering a series of high impact personal development training workshops and mentorship programmes to enhance the mental well-being and career prospects of individuals and groups experiencing personal challenges and career progression barriers.

Our ‘bigger picture’ mission is to empower people of diverse communities, orientations and cultures with the motivational tools, techniques and strategies to overcome personal obstacles and achieve their  goals, dreams and aspirations through workshops, seminars, mentorship, and inspirational publications.


Founder’s Bio:

Jamal Lanre Shashore was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria. His father was a journalist and his mother, a film editor in television broadcasting. Coming from, what most would consider, a privileged background, Jamal’s early childhood was happy and a bright future, seemingly, lay ahead of him. However, the breakdown of his parents’ marriage led to a long period of instability, uncertainty and personal hardship. In 2000, Jamal relocated from West Africa to the United Kingdom, in search of new purpose and meaning in his life.


Almost two decades later, having experienced unemployment, impoverishment, and at one point homelessness, not only has Jamal successfully transformed his adversities into personal triumph by realising his life-long dream of being a published author through the publication of  his two life-enhancing books (Self-Motivation Diary of a Born Optimist and Ten Statements), he also established  Born Motivated Training to empower and inspire others to achieve their personal dreams.


Jamal studied Philosophy at the University of Ibadan, (Nigeria) and holds both a Diploma in Advanced Psychotherapy (A.S.C, Devon) and an Advanced Diploma in Performance Coaching from Newcastle College, UK.  After spending a significant portion of his first 10 years in the UK  working in a variety of sectors including Retail, Hospitality, Financial Services, and  Sales and Marketing, the turning point for Jamal came in the summer of 2009 when he was unexpectedly made redundant  owing to ‘downsizing’ within the firm he worked for at the time. Penniless and homeless, he was forced to pause and reflect on the path he genuinely wanted to pursue in his life; and more significantly, how he could – on this new journey – utilise his natural talents, knowledge and experience to benefit the lives of others who are faced with similar predicaments and adversities he endured. In September of 2009 he commenced the first phase of his Born Motivated Training vision by enrolling himself on a Psychotherapy course alongside a Samaritans’ sponsored work-based training scheme in Counselling. On completion of his training programme in 2011, Jamal then spent the next two and half years engaged in voluntary work hosting mini personal development training workshops ; whilst also involved in the mentoring and counselling of clients and service users of leading wellbeing charities such as BeChar (PreBend Day Centre), Samaritans, and MIND. 


In 2017, Born Motivated Training – under Jamal’s stewardship – partnered with Mastroe – another Bedford based social enterprise  to design and deliver the ‘Vision and Motivation’ personal development training workshop to aid the unemployed in the Bedfordshire community in their transition back into gainful employment. In between  being employed as a Financial Protection Adviser for a leading UK insurance intermediary and his running of Born Motivated Training, he also engages in public speaking from time to time; focusing  on the subjects of ‘self-motivation, personal drive, performance, and productivity’.


He and his wife, Andrea, currently reside in Bedford, United Kingdom.