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‘Self-Motivation Diary of A Born Optimist’

Have you ever wondered why all attempts to achieve certain goals in your life end up in frustration? Maybe you are keen to change your personal circumstances but don’t know where to begin?



No one can prevent bad things from happening but we can learn to change our reaction to them. By challenging you to think in a different way, this book outlines how you can view adverse situations and challenges as opportunities, rather than the end of your dreams.


In his own unique philosophical approach Jamal Lanre Shashore encourages us to redefine our core values in order to live a more enriched and optimistic existence by adopting a day by day motivational self-guide that produces more positive results, without subscribing to the selfish ‘me first’ attitude of modern society.


So, if a happier and more meaningful life is what you long for, the Self-Motivation Diary of a Born Optimist is all you need to set you on the right path.

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‘We’re so excited to read Jamal Lanre Shashore’s book, Self-Motivation Diary of A Born Optimist, released earlier this month, and find out how we can be our best self by thinking about approaching challenges in a productive, optimistic way. Read with us, lovely bsmart ladies, and let’s work on having a better, stronger, more empowered mindset together.’  -Meagan Hooper, entrepreneur, founder and CEO of


‘Ten Statements’

From great expectations, high hopes and anticipations to broken promises, heartbreaks, and rejections, – which sometimes even leads to depression – modern men and women no longer need be like pawns in that game we call love. By stating the truths and dispelling the myths Ten Statements proves to be the ultimate guiding light in a minefield of wrong choices when it comes to romantic relationships. Using the pen name of ‘JL Shash’ for his debut book, Jamal Lanre Shashore documents his own personal experiences, alongside those of the everyday men and women he interviewed and socially interacted with over the years ; all of which inspired his writing of Ten Statements.



‘The ideal medication for the ”headaches” encountered in today’s relationships. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending this book to anyone seeking a healthy and stable love life.’ Beryl Reinhart, PHD (Couple Therapist)