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Our training programmes are designed to equip our trainees and workshop participants with a wide range of simple, practical inner motivation tools and strategies that can easily be employed in building and enhancing the self-motivation to overcome personal obstacles and achieve both personal and career goals and objectives; the beneficiaries of our courses also learn how to develop meaningful relationships with others and improve their communication skills at all levels of human interaction. The foundation of our courses are built on the S.O.S model – improving the quality of the relationships we hold with ‘Self’, ‘Others’ and how we manage life’s ‘Situations’ in general.  See courses below:

‘Out of the Box’ Thinking Workshop

Why the course was designed


To enable learners from all walks of life learn fresh and innovative ways of thinking and approach to problem-solving.



Course Objective

By the end of this course this course you will:


1. Be able to differentiate ‘Positive’ stress from both ‘Negative’ and ‘Neutral’ stress and how they affect us in different ways.

2. Become familiar with the various types of ‘thinking styles’ and how these thought patterns drive our behaviours, affect our actions and decisions.

3. Gain an understanding of how to employ constructive thinking techniques to brainstorm solutions to everyday challenges faced and achieve personal goals.

4. Be able to use the techniques learnt in increasing self-motivation, enhance their sense of well-being and maximise potentials.

Mastering The Art of Self-Motivation

Who the course is designed for


Anyone looking to build and increase the inner motivation to achieve any personal goal or objective.


Course Objective

To help you:

  • Understand the origin and causes of poor self-motivation and how to overcome them to achieve any goal.


  • Learn practical and highly effective inner motivation techniques to build and enhance your abilities to excel in any undertaking.


  • Learn the mental tools and techniques to boost your personal drive, performance and productivity in your job, business, career, and personal life.

Masterclass in Enhancing Personal Drive, Performance and Productivity in the Workplace

Who the course is designed for


Business owners, employees, managers, team leaders, of companies and organizations.


Course Objective

To help you:


Acquire the self-motivation tools and techniques for managing workplace pressure and challenges more efficiently.


Improve performance and productivity at work or in business.


Enhance communication skills and improve both working and professional relationships.  


Increase employee engagement and reduce staff turnovers.

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Mastering the Art of Effective Communication and Behavioural Management

Who the course is designed for


Anyone looking to improve the quality of communication and interactions in personal, social and professional relationships.


Course Objective

To help you:


Become an assertive communicator at all levels of human interaction. 


Effectively manage the negative stress that sometimes comes with dealing with others at home, work or in social situations.


Learn effective communications skills required to  successfully reach win-win outcomes when negotiating with others.